Web Dev FAQ

How to Submit Your Content?

After you have purchased your website development package, our team will send you the web dev contract and a checklist of what types of content to send us and how to format it. You submit your content to us via forms. These forms are linked to in both the contract and the checklist you will receive. 

What if you don’t have enough content ready?

If you feel you do not have enough content for a complete website, then you can have our team set up a placeholder site for you.  It’s a 1-page website set up that includes basic information about your firm and allows your domain to be indexed by the search engines. It will remain in place until you have content for a full website ready.

What is the web development process?

Full Website Process

To get started, make sure you have all the information on the checklist ready for submittal. Once your information is ready for submittal, submit it using the web forms.

Email support@archpixels.com, advising us that your full website information is ready for submittal. We will be available to answer any questions about how to submit your website materials. Email us if you have any issues with using the forms and we will troubleshoot the matter for you.

If you do not have many project images or do not have images that meet the needed specifications, then the web team will use whatever images you have and/or use stock images available from our image library.

If you want to add images later, web development time blocks can be purchased to update the site.

Or you can add images later yourself. At the conclusion of the web development process, there will be tutorial videos to show you how.

After you’ve submitted all materials (use the checklist to keep track of the forms that you’ve submitted) send us an email at support@archpixels.com. Our team will review your materials for completeness.

  1. We find your information is in order.
    • We’ll contact you to set up a project kick-off conference call.Once the web team verifies that all materials have been provided correctly from you, the Project Manager will create a project schedule with you (including blocking in the dates for your reviews (draft review, final review and punch-list review).
  2. We find your submission is incomplete.
    • We will send you an itemized checklist of the materials that you are missing.
    • After 2 failed submissions, there will be a $150 charge for each subsequent review by our team. You will be notified via email and this fee will be charged to your card on file.

Project Kickoff Call

  • Your website will be delivered within 45 calendar days.
  • Project milestones, including reviews, will be scheduled and agreed upon during the project kick-off call.

Project Reviews

During the website design process, you’ll have 3 opportunities to review our work.

Things like the spacing of the paragraphs, and the spacing and alignment of text and images are hard-baked into our template and cannot be changed. You can see an example of a completed web site here: http://example.archwebsite.com/. The only thing that can be changed is the content (text and images). If you wish customized changes to our website template, we’ll prepare a change order with new cost and schedule information.

Acceptability of our work at each review will be judged based on the materials you submitted.

If you decide to change the content you’ve already submitted, we’ll issue you a change order based on our discounted hourly web development rate (currently $95/hr*) and the time we think we’ll need to make the change. The change order will also specify any change to the project schedule. You’ll have the option to either accept the change order, or reject the change order and accept our work as originally submitted.

Timely Reviews

  1. You have 72 hours to complete each project review. These dates will be scheduled during the project kick-off call so you’ll have them on your calendar.
  2. We like to work hard, fast, and provide the best possible experience for you – in return we ask the same from you. If you ever feel like you will be unable to meet a scheduled review period, we ask that you let us know within 24 hours so that we can adjust work and resources accordingly.
  3. If you need to pause the project for more than 14 calendar days, the project hibernation and project startup fees will apply (see below)
  4. Draft Review – The web team will have a complete draft site created based on all of the content you submitted. You will have 72 hours to review and send us feedback via a tool called BugHerd. We will send you an invite email to be able to use this tool 24 hours prior to the review date. Be thorough in your review as the next time you can request any edits will be the final review.
  5. Final Review – Based on the feedback from the Draft Review, the web team will make adjustments/edits to your website. We will review to confirm that all feedback has been addressed and then you will have 72 hours to review and send feedback.
  6. Punch list – This is the final time you will be able to request edits/send feedback. Please be thorough. There will be no further changes after this review. If you notice something you want changed after this review period is over, the changes will be serviced at our discounted web development rate of $95/hour*.
Project Hibernation and Start up Fees

If you needs to place the project on hold after the web team has begun work, the project becomes subject to a hibernation fee and a start up fee.

  • Project Hibernation fee – $250
  • Project Start up fee – $250
Final Sign-off

After we’ve completed all the items in the Punch List, we will wait for your final approval to proceed with the “Go Live” process.

  • Any changes made after “Go Live” status will be serviced at our discounted web development rate of $95/hour*.
  • Before taking a site live, the web team and Project Manager will complete an internal review. This review will thoroughly check the site for completeness, check all links, confirm functionality, and test the website on modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) on PC and Mac platforms as well as test on mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad).

Once the website is live the project is complete. The client will receive an email confirming project close.

  • At this point, you will receive an overview of how to edit and update your site. This may be as tutorial videos and/or a screenshare/virtual call.

Will I have a chance to give feedback and change things as you create my new website?

Yes, there are designated review periods throughout the process for you to give feedback and make requests.

How long does the web development take?

Web development for standard sites take 45 days or less. 

Once my new website is live, how can I make changes or updates?

Yes. Once your website is live, you will receive your admin login credentials and an overview of how to make updates yourself.

What is included?

What is included with Website Development Services

  • A responsive website built from our Architects’ website template. The example site is found at http://example2017.archwebsite.com/
  • The template will be customized to your firm’s brand colors, fonts and in addition to the content you provide, the website can also feature landing pages for your lead magnets and LCC offer.
  • Hosting and support included for 6 months
    • $250 to transfer to an outside web site host
    • $47/mo for ongoing hosting after 6 months
  • Basic on-page SEO.
  • This is based on the content you send us. SEO copywriting services are not included. If there are certain keywords you want for your pages, then make sure to let the web team know and be sure these keywords are in the content submitted.
  • We will optimize your page meta tags and image alt tags.
  • We will install software that will help you write optimized posts and other text content on your pages.
  • Support includes submitting tickets with our support desk at support@archpixels.com as long as you have your website hosted on our servers. We will answer questions, give advice, and make small updates for you. For actual web development work, our discounted web development rates will apply.
  • Support also includes website maintenance which includes security updates, WordPress core updates, and plugin updates.
  • Incredible hack-free guarantee: if your website is ever hacked, we will restore it to a pristine condition, free of charge, as long as you maintain your hosting on our servers.
  • Backup restorations of your website are available per our schedule of services.