What clients are saying about ArchPixels:

I cannot say enough good things about the ArchPixels web development team. They are Rock Stars!

Zeke & Amyroot-ad.com

We wanted a remarkable unique website that helped us reach our target clients without costing a fortune or taking tons of our own time away from our core business.The website built by ArchPixels has been amazing!

The process was simple and the results have been fantastic. We regularly receive client leads through the site and automated follow up system. The website is also an incredibly useful tool to educate our clients about our process, our niche and portfolio of work. This helps us filter out the right clients for us so that when we meet we can focus on the project, the client and how we can serve them vs. spending time having to sale ourselves.

My favorite feature is the landing page as it’s visually appealing, gives them a snapshot of who we are, directs them to immediately download our monkey fist, and is easily navigable to other areas they may be looking for.

By having the support we need with ArchPixels, it’s allowed our website to be a living, changing thing that we can quickly add new projects, write new blogs, and post new educational guides without getting hung up on the technical aspects. This keeps things fresh, drives new traffic and converts more prospects to clients. 

I cannot say enough good things about the ArchPixels web development team. They are Rock Stars!

About 25% of our workload is a now a direct result of those website features.

Ann Sellars Lathrop AIA, NCARBsellarslathrop.com

My number one concern for my new website was "Grab their attention"! Aside from offering a lead magnet, it had to be visually clear and graphically strong.

We have received many many compliments on our website, the best of which come from our peers. Since going live with our new website, we’ve gotten many compliments and positive feedback from our ideal prospects. The free pdf download and follow up email system has brought us many new leads and real clients. About 25% of our workload is a now a direct result of those website features.

My favorite feature of our new website is the very large format images that take up whole width of screen, but also the scrolling images are really nice feature too. We were glad to have the opportunity to slightly customize the WordPress template by adding our own font style, colors and text layout. This made the site even more custom looking.

We feel energized to continue our marketing efforts now that we have a systematic way to turn website visitors into prospects thanks to our new ArchPixels website. We’re also able to easily update the website much more often!

The whole team at ArchPixels has been great. We had a previous website design team that wasn't half as responsive or professional as this group. We are very impressed by the responsiveness of the whole support team and the resulting quality of the website.

Our new website looks fantastic!

Michele Vig caricarilee.com

Thank you so much for your assistance with getting the website live last night. It looks fantastic!

Web clicks are up by 75% over my previous site!

Sean Tobin, AIA, LEED 

Web clicks are up by 75% over the previous site; I am able to upload new content easily and schedule posts on the site easily; and I have gotten great feedback and positive comments from peers and friends.

I don’t know that I have a favorite feature, as much as I just love the set up and interface. It is a ‘done-for-you’ system that will look good and work on any platform. I like that you can be a light user or a power user, and that the team will offer you whatever support you need.

I have loved my experience with the development and support team. During initial set up, they were very responsive, and would fix things quickly. They have been willing to delve into any request I have made, and either get a solution or suggest something that will for me. I feel like they are always around to help make the site what I want it to be.