Premium Hosting and Maintenance Services

Need world class hosting AND on-going maintenance for your website?

Introducing a new offer for former Architects Marketing members:  
Keep your website hosting services with us! 

If you would like to keep your AMI-built website or landing page hosted with our world-class hosting, previously only available for active AMI members, you'll be pleased to learn about our new service for non-members. Instead of migrating your website or landing page to another webhost, you can keep what you have on our server. 

What do you get with AMI hosting, maintenance and support? 

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    Rock solid hosting with a 99.99% uptime 
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    Automatic backups of your website
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    Hack-free guarantee* 
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    On-going security updates, WordPress core updates, and plugin updates
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    On-going content updates made by our team for you!*
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    Access to our web team for support questions*


Get Premium Hosting and Maintenance Services for just $97/month

Limited Time Offer: After this offer expires, we will begin removing websites and landing pages of non-members that have not taken advantage of this offer. 

With ArchPixels, You Get More Than Website Hosting 

You should have worry-free hosting and the ability to make updates to your website without needing to hire a 3rd party web developer or know how to code. That's why we've decided to take care of your website/landing pages for you, even if you are no longer an active member of the Architects Marketing programs. 

By keeping your website or landing page hosted with us, there's no risk of downtime, no needing to find a suitable host, no need to figure out how to make updates to your website yourself, and no need to worry about being vulnerable to hackers. 

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*Hack-free guarantee: If your website is ever hacked, we will restore it to a pristine condition, free of charge, as long as you maintain your hosting on our servers.

*On-going content updates include: text updates to existing pages, swapping out existing images for new images, adding  up to 5 new portfolio projects per month, changing/updating internal and external links on pages, installing approved plugins, adding team members to your about/team page, adding social proof (testimonials, Houzz badges, etc) following the existing layout, and adding resource pages for additional monkey's fists.

Content updates do not include: changing the theme, changing the page layout, changing font styles, image editing, SEO, creating content for you, file naming or renaming, and adding features or functions not already existing on your website.  

Access to support includes: Submitting tickets with our support desk at as long as you have your website hosted on our servers. We will answer questions, give advice and handle update requests.

Questions? Send us an email: